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A Simple Guide to Soft Landscaping

You can quickly transform the feel and look of your home or office using a simple landscaping design. Flowers, shrubs, and trees are the simplest soft landscaping things you can use to create a compelling beauty to your home, an impression you can enjoy all year round.

At Professional Gardeners of Nottingham, we aim at helping you make your garden focus on soft landscaping. Most gardens already have some soft landscaping features and elements. We, therefore, make you aware of the available range of options that may open your eyes to see the limitless possibilities in your garden.

We use the following elements in soft landscaping field:

  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Container grown plants
  • Turf
  • Hanging baskets and potted plants

We take soft landscaping to be your essential yard plan. It offers you with the structure and shape of your garden by planting hedges and trees to establish a backdrop to the blank canvas yard. From it, you can introduce climbers, flowers, turf, and shrubs to create colour palettes. These additions will work with different leaf structures, shapes, and the contrastive surface feels.

Soft Landscaping For Garden Design

The difference between a forest, bush, and garden lies on the landscape design. It’s this design that separates the sufficiency of garden plants and trees. The garden plants make the gardens beautiful alongside adding beauty to the broader environment.

We would like to help you design your garden to attract the admiration of your visitors over a long period. We also make your garden wonderfully pleasant, thanks to our expert garden planning team.
We make the whole garden design process fully functional. We design your garden based on your needs. We also advise you on the best element to include in your garden. We don’t recommend you to support only one plant type since it’s your favourite. One kind of plant can severely spoil the entire garden design.

We also consider your garden space, effortless cleaning, and excellent sunlight when designing your garden. We create a fountain, wooden pathway, or plant bright flowers that contrast the home environment. We sometimes implement the use of hard landscaping methods, such as, hedges, walls, or trellis as dividers. You can also choose low walls due to their low maintenance needs; however, building them is a bit expensive.

Our experts know how to create a trellis in your garden. The trellises we create are both economical and flexible, although it consumes a lot of time to maintain. We have the necessary understanding of creating a low hedge that provides a natural look to your garden. You only need to prune it regularly to help keep it clean. Your choice to spend in a garden design wholly depends on the available space and time.

We’ve got different styles of yard designs. The following are some of the common ones:

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Asian style
  • Modern 
  • Water garden
  • Gravel

​Our soft landscaping services are of high quality. We also boast of excellent customer services to ensure that our clients are satisfied with what we offer. Call us today, and let’s beautify your garden to make it modernly impressive.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote and friendly advice.

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