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Resin Bound Driveways

When the time comes to replace your existing driveway, more and more people in Nottingham are choosing resin bound driveways. These tough and robust surfaces offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative that is both super strong, as well as modern and stylish in contrast to other traditional options such block paving, imprinted concrete or tarmac; Unfortunately sometimes people can find it difficult finding the right contractor who has all the right qualifications and experience to carry out this type of specialist work, especially if you looking for someone reputable.

At professional Gardeners of Nottingham, we don’t just want you as a satisfied customer – our goal is to provide the best possible service for all of your driveway installation needs. Our team has over 15 years experience in this industry and can deliver premium quality products that meet domestic or commercial clients’ expectations at competitive prices with exceptional turnaround times on installation too!

We understand how important it is when making such big investments into one’s home exterior, and landscape design decisions; which is why every aspect from paving materials down through sub-base preparation must be considered carefully before committing to anything more than what’s required (which will always include an exquisite driveway). This is why we never cut corners and always deliver on quality.

We are confident that our pricing structure is the most competitive in the Nottingham area. Our purchasing power means that we can cost-in our materials than our competitors, which we pass on these savings and deduct from our quotations. With a free consultation, free advice, and no obligation to buy, you can take advantage to see what the cost would be for your domestic resin driveway or commercial surface firsthand before any commitment is made.

Resin drives are the best solution for people seeking long lasting and fantastic looking driveway results. Furthermore, with such a wide variety of colours, shades and designs to choose from, we believe that our resin driveway installations in Nottingham can provide you with more options than ever before.

Why Choose Resin Driveways?
Permeable: All our resin-bound drives are fully permeable to water and air, making it an ideal solution when the mixture is laid over a binder base coat. This produces sustainable urban drainage that can be installed without any need for permission in most cases! In addition you’ll never have potential foundation issues like other types of driveways do because they don’t require filling or grading below ground level before installation; instead everything stays where its needed while being flexible during strong seasonal changes.

Low maintenance: Resin driveway needs minimal cleaning, all it requires is a sweep with a brush to remove any loose debri, and a pressure wash once in a while. Because it’s a permeable surface, water does not collect in puddles or does algae, mould and weeds attached to the substance that usually make a drive slippery when wet.

Hard wearing and smooth level finish: Resin driveways give  a long lasting and ultra smooth finish, they have no loose stones or trip hazards, making them ideal for all users, including the disabled with wheelchairs, pushchairs, the elderly, and bicycles..

Many Design Choices: Multiple or singular colours can be used to produce surrounding borders, with curves and patterns or bespoke and individual designs. With our vast selection and unlimited range of colours, I am sure we can tempt you. Call us for a FREE consultation and we can discuss your ideas over a cup of tea!

Essential hard landscaping ideas

You choose the type of hard landscaping depending on the size of your yard. More extensive gardens present you with more possibilities, such as the inclusion of a pond or fountain. We work to ensure that these possibilities give your garden layout a more eye-catching effect.

Our experts are knowledgeable about creating walkways from your door towards the bottom of the yard. We include a small rockery and a bench in your small garden. Our hard landscaping service is exceptional, and our quality work enables us to deliver you outstanding results.

Our hard landscaping materials are useful in areas where grass grows scantly due to insufficient sunlight. Call us for modern hard landscaping designs.

The most prevalent goal for us is to develop the most suitable landscaping designs for your garden. We start by helping you plan the layout of your yard before embarking on the work. With the hard landscaping foundations in place, removing them can be challenging. That’s why we advise you to invest in a landscaping design that’ll give you a basic idea about the look of your new purchase before you place an order.

Upon taking a photograph of the area you intend to work with, our experts view it into a 3D layout to see how it will be in real-life application. They then drag and drop various objects to examine how it will look if and when you apply it in real life.

We are ready to help you design hard landscaping designs for your garden. Once you reach to the conclusion that you need to use hard landscaping, our experts at our company will be more than glad to help you determine the best paving or object that’ll complement the aestheticism of your yard. We are committed to ensuring that you get excellent customer service and at an affordable price. Click through or call us to find out more about the hard landscaping services we offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote and friendly advice.

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