Raised Beds

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Raised Planting Beds

Planting Beds You Can Install Anywhere

At Nottingham Gardeners, our mission is to make gardening as simple and easy as it can be for you and your family. That is why we will provide you with the highest-quality raised garden beds that will maintain their look for years.
If you’ve always wished for a vegetable patch that’ll cater to your entire kitchen and catering needs, a raised planting bed is your best option because these beds are easy to work on, and they are great for growing vegetables. We will custom make a raised bed to suit your needs and install it on your property where ever you like.

If you wish, our expert gardeners will help you plant your raised beds with all the vegetables that you love to eat. Think about walking out to your backdoor to pick out fresh herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, okra, or kale for a delicious kale salad. We make it difficult for you to want to share your special produce, and we make your neighbours envy your food.

We build our beds to last and optimise them to grow vegetables anywhere they’re installed with an excellent aesthetic. We ensure that all our frames for the raised beds are rot-proof and constructed from the highest quality timber available

If you’re looking to install raised planting beds with excellent drainage capabilities and that are easy to maintain, look no further than Professional Gardeners of Nottingham for our custom made beds. They are suitable for community, corporate, or residential projects.

The Best Choice for All Gardeners

As expert dedicated gardeners, we want to look out for you. Whether you’re an amateur looking to start your gardening journey or you’re an expert planning an exotic community garden, we’ll walk you through the process of ensuring that your raised bed is a success. 

Our raised beds are best for you if:

  • Your soil has heavy metals such as lead
  • You’ve got poor quality soil that’s full of rocks
  • You’ve got an extremely weedy planning site
  • You require specialised soil for different plants’
  • You’ve got limited mobility
  • You love the aesthetic of a raised planting bed

Even though you’ve got a small budget, our technicians can guide you with the most suitable beds that’ll fit your budget and your style. Call us today for a free quote on your raised garden options. 

Planting Beds with Good Drainage Systems

You shouldn’t overlook the essential aspects of a raised planting bed in the design process. That is why we ensure that our planting beds are easy to maintain and that they have sound drainage systems to avoid rot. We can custom make beds to have soil that would be great even for plants that wouldn’t naturally grow in a particular area.

Our expert gardeners and technicians are always on call to give you expert advice on the best plants to grow in your raised planting beds and how to fertilise your soil to make it more productive for planting.

Call us now and talk to one of our gardening technicians on the best options for raised planting beds.