Lawn Care

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Lawn Care

If you want to achieve a beautiful lawn, Professional Gardeners of Nottingham is service that has expert gardeners with the skill and expertise to care for your grass. Asking an expert to care for your lawn is very different from mowing it yourself. 

Our gardeners know that the right tools and equipment results in a perfect job. That is why we have invested in acquiring the right equipment to get the job done in the shortest time possible. We don’t hesitate to provide and show dedication while ensuring that your lawn stays weed-free, thick, and green.

Our Lawn Care Services

We provide a massive selection of care and treatment services. Some of the services available in our lawn care package include:

  • Lawn cutting
  • Lawn treatments
  • Lawn feeds
  • Lawn scarification
  • Lawn restoration
  • Selective Herbicides
  • Turfing
  • Lawn re-seeding

We start by assessing your lawn and identifying any present issues or possible future complications. We then advise on the right service to adopt for your yard. 

Why You Should Treat Your Lawn

Treating your lawn at the correct time is essential to ensuring your seeds germinate and that you have a healthy lawn. Depending on the needs of your garden, we will ensure that your lawn treatment has enough nitrogen to add the green to your garden. 

Our lawn treatments will improve your soil drainage, encourage aeration to improve water flow, and ensure that moss is eradicated from your lawn to help your grass grow. 

We can provide you with the best lawn feeds and fertilisers that are best to ensure your lawn grows as it should. Depending on the weather and the condition of your soil, we will recommend the best product to suit your yard. 

Our nitrogen-rich lawn feeds and high-level phosphate fertiliser are best for your garden. Coupled with regular watering, your lawn will soon regain its spring and fresh look.

Trust our professional services to provide your lawn with the herbicides it needs to prevent the overgrowth of weeds. At Professional Gardeners of Nottingham, we understand herbicides and thus take care to use herbicides safely.

How We Restore Your Lawn

Contrary to popular belief, surface thatch does not provide ‘manure’ to your lawn. Surface thatch that’s too thick will prevent your grass from getting enough water, nutrients, fertiliser, and oxygen it needs to grow. 
 If your lawn hasn’t undergone scarification in a long time, you will start to notice that it gets spongy and overgrown with moss. Our expert gardeners are knowledgeable in the process of lawn scarification and the best techniques to get rid of excessive surface thatch from your lawn. 

Our gardeners also understand that preparation is vital. Thus, they are well ready to clear, dig, and improve your soil for a perfect turf. Once this is done, we start re-seeding your yard. No job is too small or big for us, and whether you need lawn re-seeding in a minute or big patch of garden, you’ve come to the right service. We will ensure that your bare lawn turns to a lush garden in no time.​

We live to give your lawn the facelift it deserves, and once you’ve experienced our lawn restoration services, you will have the beautiful garden that you deserve. Let our experts fill up any depression in your garden, adjust your soil Ph, and add nutrients to your garden.

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