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What is a landscape gardener?

A Landscape Gardener is one who tends to the exterior of a garden or piece of land by designing the overall structure and implementing features such as trees, shrubs, lawns and plants. A day for this profession can be split into two parts, being the creative design side or practical implementation.

One half of their job involves creating an idea from scratch with creativity and imagination while using their vast knowledge on what’s best in each season – whether it may involve flowers blooming year round or choosing sturdy trees that will withstand adverse weather conditions during winter. The other side includes applying labor-intensive skill sets which require prior experience like building containing walls and fencing around gardens so they stay private but still allow sunlight through. Other landscaping jobs can include digging out ponds, adding and installing all kinds of paving, decking, turfing and garden features. Good landscape gardeners are very diverse and talented in a multitude of trades that all come together to produce beautiful crafted outdoor areas that can be enjoyed by their clients all year round. 

Garden Design
Having a well-designed garden can increase the value of your property. According to general consensus, it is not unheard of for properly maintained gardens to add anywhere from 5%-20% on top of their assessed values with ranges varying depending on how much you invest in them. Not only does owning and maintaining an outdoor space make your home more attractive but it also creates seclusion and privacy that many people are looking for these days when they buy homes or renovate old ones because as we all know there’s nothing quite like getting up close with nature!

Landscape gardeners are the ones who design gardens for homeowners and businesses. Besides designing, they also have to calculate how much it will cost in order to finish a job with these estimations down on paper. The type of work you do all depends on what is requested by your client or employer; sometimes people request redesigns while others need original ideas that can be incorporated into their plans before any construction starts.

Certain customers have their own ideas on garden design, and will supply a full set of plans with estimated costs and budgets laid out for the designing and creating the garden they require. This can mean contacting local suppliers and working through the clients plan to produce the best landscape garden with their allotted budget. Not always an easy task and needs to be controlled each step of the way, as costs can easily escalate if not monitored.

Landscape gardeners complete all the heavy-duty work involved in the gardening spectrum, creating structures and building the hard landscaping that can totally transform your entire garden feeling and look. Our professional landscape gardeners will talk to you about how they can help before coming up with design plans for your particular space, all based on what it is you prefer and are looking for now, as well as any goals or dreams you may have in mind. This way, there’s no guessing when choosing materials, everything has been thought out beforehand, exactly like it should, forward thinking and planning is everything!

You may never have considered how your garden is created, but it all starts with the designer. Once you and they agree on a design for your new or existing landscape, the team will get to work transforming an idea into reality in order to produce a living, breathing space that suits not only what exists now but also future plans as well. The first step would involve preparing some ground using sustainable products so that everything can grow within its natural habitat without having too much of an impact on other aspects such as water quality or wildlife populations while maintaining healthy soil structure, which promotes root growth through aeration throughout long periods of time, when weeding beds are done less frequently due to being more established than during their initial establishment phase.

Hard Landscaping Structures
Hard landscaping is the foundational component of any landscape. It provides stability, permanence and personality to outdoor spaces that would otherwise be left with only plants as a key design element, which would clearly be not enough. The hardscape complements softscaping features by providing sturdy structures for paths, building focal points in an uninteresting space or giving viewers structure when they might get lost among all those green leaves.

The first thing you need to consider when designing your garden is the hard landscaping element. Not only does this make up the bulk of many basic purposes – like drainage, living spaces for outdoor life and preventing erosion- but it also provides a sturdy foundation on which to build other design elements in your space.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular and there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a patio. Patios come in all shapes, sizes, materials that you can customise to your tastes! Some of the most common hardscape options for patios include porcelain tiles which is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable option; granite slabs offer more variety as far as texture goes but also have high maintenance costs due to its superficial surface so it may not be best suited for those who don’t love spending time on upkeep or DIY projects. If budget isn’t a concern then concrete could be right up your alley – this material offers versatility when choosing colours and textures without breaking any bank accounts.

For those who want to enjoy the outdoors while still living in a tidy environment, investing in hard patios is an excellent idea. A patio offers many benefits over lawns—no scorching grass and no need for mowing or tending at all! Decoration on these surfaces can either be easy with outdoor furniture like chairs and tables that are easily rearranged as needed, or it could take more time by creating permanent features such as planters filled with flowers of your choice. Lawn care may not seem too bad when you consider how much work goes into maintaining a well-kept garden; however, don’t forget about the endless hours spent watering plants, patio owners never have this problem.

Many people don’t know the difference between a garden designer and other types of landscapers, but they all fall under one term: gardener. This umbrella term includes landscape designers, regular gardeners, even me when I pot my plants!

The decision to hire a landscape gardener can be difficult, but it is important not to make their work more complicated than need be. The first step in the process of hiring them will involve figuring out what type of gardening they specialise in and whether you need help with this or something different such as paving or fencing. You are lucky with Professional Gardeners of Nottingham as we cover every avenue of hard landscaping, gardening and soft landscaping.

A regular gardener is a great choice for someone who doesn’t enjoy the more tedious tasks of gardening, but still wants to have their garden look presentable. They will mow your lawn and rake leaves without you having to lift a finger!

A landscape gardener will bring your dreams to life.
Some people have a clear idea of what they want their garden to look like, while others need help from professionals in the field for guidance. A skilled landscape designer can offer insight and inspiration that you may never have considered on your own! 

If you want a garden that is as beautiful and unique to your tastes as possible, then I recommend hiring an architect. A landscape gardener will also do this for you but this is really the secondary stage of their job. They start at planning, which includes consulting with clients about what they are looking for in a design and coming up with something achievable yet still aesthetically pleasing.

Once they’ve brought your garden to life, a gardener will also come up with an outline of how you can maintain it. So that the flowers and plants are always looking fresh all year round! Garden designers have this same expertise in their initial focus on planting designs but sometimes prefer starting from scratch – figuring out what space is available for them to design around plant needs first. Landscape gardeners start by considering the landscape itself before fitting other plants into these plans (to achieve similar outcomes).

A garden designer will be your best bet if you want to make sure that the plants and flowers in your yard are thriving. They can also design a landscape for those who have less time or don’t know where to start designing their own yards. Garden designers may charge more than regular landscapers, but they offer services like irrigation installation, soil issues diagnosis and treatment options as well as fencing consultation which might not come standard on residential projects with just an average gardener’s help.


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