Nottingham Gardens with Stones

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Garden Improvement Ideas – Stone Features

We have put this together to answer your question: What would make my home stand out? The following is a discussion of ideas on gardens with stones.

Rock Garden

A rock garden is a garden that is set in stone and comes alive with the multi-texture, colours, and shapes of rock. They are usually smaller than other garden types but have many benefits such as:

  • low maintenance garden plantings
  • creating naturalized spaces for wildlife to inhabit e.g. frogs
  • relaxing soundscape created by waterfalls or trickling streams
  • stunning focal points within their landscape And so much more!

Stone Steps

Instead of using wood decking, why not use stones? Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but they also last longer too! You can even add some colour into your design through placing coloured pebbles at either side of the steps or surrounding them around planting beds – there’s no limit to the different ways you can do this!

Stone garden steps are an amazing way of creating a low maintenance garden path, which is perfect for any garden design. There’s a huge variety of stones and pebbles that will look beautiful alongside your pathway or even as part of it too – so don’t be afraid to mix and match! For example if you have some natural tree roots then why not place them on either side? Or use larger rocks around smaller ones in order to create a slightly wilder feel without sacrificing the sophistication

Serene Stone Garden

Just imagine how stunning these stone garden stairs would look with plants growing up them… Not only does it add colour but also depth as well – allowing your garden scenery to become even more vibrant.

And garden tables are great for having friends and family over to enjoy a lovely summer afternoon – with the sun being able to hit all parts of your garden there’s no escape from it! So why not sit down, relax and take in everything that nature has to offer?

If you want a garden table but don’t have any big garden spaces then this formal garden table is ideal as each one fits into their own corner so they’re totally self-sufficient. Plus if you wanted an even bigger garden space then how about putting two together… Although be sure to keep them far enough away so people won’t bump into them or knock drinks onto one another after too much wine!! 🙂

Formal Garden Table

This stone feature garden is a good garden idea for anyone who likes to meditate or relax in their garden. It’s one of those great garden ideas that you can actually sit on if your garden isn’t too big – and it looks just as good as an ornament standing there doing nothing! A formal garden table is constructed by  laying a garden path around the edge of it, and then filling up the inside with rocks or gravel. To be more creative, we can add some paintings to your garden table.

Natural Bog Garden

This natural bog garden is made with all the original stones so no cement here, this gives it more character and makes it look like something from another era- but definitely not prehistoric! The natural bog garden is so named because it is made up of a garden path that leads you to the edge of an open space which has been filled with moss and lots more plants. There are also some unusual shaped stones for that extra touch of interest!