Garden Design

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Professional Gardeners of Nottingham is a company that’s committed to helping you bring your garden to life. We design outdoor spaces and garden areas that you and your family will enjoy. Our expert landscapers will ensure that you get just what you’re looking for from your first consultation to the completion of your garden.

Your garden is a unique extension of your home that can be turned into a magic place away from the hustle of the world. Whether you’d like it to be a play area for your kids, a haven for indigenous birds around you, or a private space for you to enjoy the sunshine, the design of your garden will speak volumes about your style and personality. 
However you want your garden to look, the specialist garden designers at our company are committed to ensuring that your garden is perfect and designed to your liking. 

 We design different garden styles, including:

  • Modern gardens
  • Mediterranean gardens
  • Informal and cottage style gardens
  • Japanese gardens
  • Formal gardens
  • Coastal style gardens
  • Rock and gravel style gardens
  • Traditional gardens

The Cost of a Garden Designer

When you need to find a plan for your garden, it’s best to hire a garden designer. Our garden designers will not only make you the most suitable plans; they’ll supervise your project throughout all the phases of   soft and hard landscaping.

A garden design comes with different costs.

If your backyard is bare and you’re just starting on garden planning, the wisest thing to do would be to call our garden designers for a quote. A simple garden plan for a smaller garden could run up to £12,000. The cost of hiring a garden designer could come up to 20% of your entire budget. For medium-sized projects that cost up to £60,000, the designer cost can come down to 15%.

Costs by the Hour

Depending on where you are in the country, rates for garden designers can change, and some charge by the hour. Designer rates per hour can fall between £60 to £200. Garden designers at Professional Gardeners of Nottingham can do the drawing and design for you, plan surveys, and manage the construction and planting. Call us today to get a free quote. 

The Difference between a Garden Designer and a Landscape Designer

Many people use these two terms interchangeably. However, garden designers deal with smaller-scale projects as compared to landscapers. Garden design is a discipline of landscaping. 
While garden design focuses more on creating and maintaining the aesthetic look of a small area and ensure that the plants are well-maintained in the long term, landscapers are more knowledgeable on how to optimise a piece of land for building work. 
Before deciding on garden design, you must look into your budget considerations. Structures such as fountains, fences, and quality of material for use in your garden are likely to push up the costs of your design. Call our local Nottingham phone number and talk to our garden designers. If you’d like to do a rough estimate of your budget minus the designer fees, for every square meter, you can estimate up to £100 for a garden that requires landscaping. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote and friendly advice.

Telephone: 0115-824-4801