Fencing Nottingham

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Trust our team of expert fencing tradesmen to install a quality fence on your property that will look great and stand up against anything thrown its way. We have over 15 years experience with all sorts of fence projects around Nottingham, and only use experienced staff who are dedicated to giving their best workmanship every time you ask us for help.

Professional Gardeners of Nottingham offer a range of competitively priced timber fencing and metal fencing solutions. Our high-quality pressure treated timber ensures that the need for regular painting is eliminated with our new fences. All fence posts are properly hand dug and set deep into cement so they withstand all adverse weather conditions the UK can throw at them.

Fences are a simple way to turn your garden into the peaceful and serene oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Not only can they be used for security, but also as an aesthetic feature which adds some finishing touches that help make it stand out from other gardens in the neighbourhood. Here at Professional Gardeners of Nottingham we provide bespoke fencing solutions for all tastes and budgets including close board fences, overlap fence panels or trellis pergolas – whatever suits you best! We remove any leftover fence waste after completion so there’s no need to worry about tidying up afterwards; our work is guaranteed too.

Our company can supply and install all types of timber garden fencing products to compliment your garden landscape, with something to suit all tastes. We specialise in the following types of fencing, but can build you some thing more bespoke and custom if required:

  • Garden fencing
  • Hit and miss fencing
  • Close board fencing
  • Overlap fencing
  • Panel fences
  • Trellis work
  • Custom fencing
  • Ornemental fencing
  • Timber pergolas
  • Timber gazebos and Arbours
  • Fence replacement
  • Fence repair and fence maintenance.

Which type of fence?

There are so many different types of garden fence materials on the market today, but which is the best one for you? It may be hard to decide what’s best suited for your garden fencing. Any type of material can be utilised as fencing on your land, What really matters more than anything else though is picking something that you like the look of, as you will be seeing it everyday! Other things to consider are price and what you are wanting to achieve with your fencing, is the fence for containing something, security or just decorative purposes?

A Hit and Miss fencing panel is perfect for homeowners who want to add a unique touch of style. The pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and back, with an over-lap that creates an eye catching pattern we lovingly call “Hit & Miss.”

Closeboard fences are a more affordable option than other fencing options. The boards overlap each other and the vertical edges resemble feathers which gives this type of fence its name, featherboard. These types of fences offer good privacy because they’re strong and solid with overlapping wood that is designed to protect delicate plants from cold temperatures caused by wind or frost.

A picket fence or timber palisade as it sometimes referred too, is a traditional and decorative way to surround your property. This style of fencing can be seen in front gardens, where they give homes kerb appeal, as well as the back garden if you’re interested in socialising with neighbours. You’ll find them mostly on residential properties but have been known for use at commercial or industrial sites also.

Slatted fences are a perfect solution for both dividing and separating areas in your garden. They can be used as boundary fences, standalone panels to create privacy or anchor rows of plants – even screens that separate the deck from the landscaping.

Which type of fence post is best?

A new fence is a great investment, but it’s not always easy to know what type of material you should use for the fence posts. There are many options available on the market today and each has their own advantages and drawbacks that need to be considered before making your final decision. We can help make this daunting task seem less overwhelming as we explore the four different types below – wooden posts, concrete posts, composite posts or the latest metal Durapost system.

Wooden fence posts are a popular option for those who want to create an attractive garden. Wood can often complement additional features such as trees and decking which is why it’s so commonly used in landscaping. Fence panels can be affixed to the wooden posts, eliminating rattle that concrete might give if not set securely on its base. Timber fences give off a more organic and natural look to your surroundings. As long as they have been treated correctly before installation, which is standard practice by Professional Gardeners of Nottingham.

Wooden posts are often a cheaper, lighter option to your concrete post variety. This makes the installation process easier with less hassle for the Installation. This can usually depend on the terrain and complexity of the contract, but is still easy by comparison to the concrete fence post variety.

Concrete fence posts are vastly superior to timber in terms of durability and strength, so you can rest assured that your fence will remain standing after a strong wind or storm. This makes concrete the ideal choice for exposed areas where properties are situated, and there is a lack of protection from high wind speeds.

Concrete fence posts are the most durable variety of fencing posts and can last a lifetime. This means that your sturdy, well-supported fence will be around for years to come with little maintenance necessary on your part! Concrete is meant to weather naturally without any chemicals needed which makes it an easy choice if you’re looking for something sustainable but still aesthetically pleasing.

Steel fence posts are more durable and can last longer, guaranteed to withstand our harsh UK weather conditions for years. Made of galvanised steel with a 25 year lifespan, Steel DuraPost is immune from warping or rotting without splitting or cracking like wooden fences do in the same environment. This makes it perfect for your home, garden and landscaped environment as well. You can ensure durability by choosing this metal fence post system that will stand up against winds up to 110 mph.