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Professional Gardeners of Nottingham concrete bases are ideal for most residential outdoor applications, providing a good versatile and cost effective solution, as opposed to other alternatives such as paving or even timber bearing.

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  • Garage Base
  • Garden shed base
  • Log cabin Base
  • External Building Base
  • Summer House Base
  • Garden Rooms
  • Hot tub Base
  • Concrete Gazebos
  • Concrete Patios
  • Workshop Base

To make sure to calculate the correct amount of concrete you need to pour for your particular size concrete slab that you require,  then pop over and visit our page with our helpful concrete calculator. For most standard concrete bases we would recommend ordering C25 type concrete, but we always advise to ask a professional beforehand for the best advice to ensure any special requirements are taken into account.

If your commercial building, residential home, land or garden has tight or restricted access, or you just do not have the labour or manpower to manoeuvre a wheelbarrow by hand to your chosen concrete work area, then please ask about our concrete pump hire solution. It can offer clean and convenient, mess-free concrete delivery right to the concrete slab or base that is being laid and installed. For more information about any of our services or products,  then get in touch with our helpful team

A solid concrete base offers the most durable and permanent floor structure for any garden building. A concrete base is built using shuttering boards that creates a strong framework to hold the new concrete. When the wet concrete is poured into this frame and tamped down, then floated and smoothed with a straight edge. A fresh concrete base is most often the best option for buildings that need no floor coverings, like a garage, shed, hot tub base or commercial workshop areas, farmyards, or for a building that utilises heavy equipment, such as machinery, electrical units or pumps. This concrete slab is mostly raised and finished a few inches above ground level. If extra strength is required for the concrete structure then we can fit Inexpensive steel reinforcing mesh or fibres.

Professional Concrete Base Specialist

Professional Gardeners of Nottingham concrete bases are the best value for money in the local area,  and we guarantee our workmanship, so you have nothing to worry about, your peace of mind and our loyal integrity as a company will make sure that the concrete slab is laid to perfection.

Our friendly, tidy and professional concrete workforce are never happy until your concrete base installation is exactly as it should be!

If you have been searching on Google for concrete bases, concrete slabs or concrete flooring, then you have landed at the best place for any concrete base services in the Nottingham area, call Professional Gardeners of Nottingham and we can consult with you to find out your requirements, and offer the best price for any concrete base in the local area.

As well as concrete bases for garden sheds, log cabins, garden rooms, garages, we can also construct your concrete garden paths, concrete driveways, fences, block paving, decking and are experts in the laying of artificial grass.